Sustrans Free Support for Segensworth Businesses

Sustrans, in partnership with My Journey Hampshire and Fareham and Gosport Borough Councils, is working with local businesses on improving sustainable, active travel options for their staff and visitors (please see flyer).

Sustrans are also assisting workplaces with staff returning to work and providing support on sustainable travel options as part of Covid-19 recovery. If this is something that would interest your workplace please contact your local Sustrans Officer at:

Much of what is in this flyer can be delivered through online meetings, digital resources or delivered/tailored to current government guidance. Many actions can be delivered as part of Covid-19 recovery.

What’s more, it’s ALL FREE. The Sustrans Officer can deliver:

  • Socially distanced bike doctor – free repairs and maintenance on staff bikes

  • Route planning requests – the officer can plan out the best walking/cycling/multi-mode commuting routes for staff using interactive online mapping tools

  • Organisational travel maps – the officer can create posters tailored to each business of their different options for active travel and create an interactive map showing all the possible waking/cycling routes to that business

  • Cycle confidence sessions (socially distanced, in an open space) for staff returning to/starting cycling

  • Working from home support

  • Travel Plan – the officer can provide a free staff travel survey and travel planning to your business in identifying the most effective actions to take to create a more positive travel environment at your workplace. Then support you with your travel action plan.

  • Green screening around your business. Trees, bushes and green walls are widely recognised for their many positive benefits in urban settings – including reducing air and noise pollution and increasing the aesthetic look of an area. If you would like to be considered for a green screening scheme, please contact or

They can also support your business to carry out an air pollution investigation around your site and look for ways to change behavior to improve air quality. Please contact Jean MacGrory on for more information. Maintaining the improved air quality experienced during the COVID-19 lockdown, is ever more important as breathing clean air protects people with existing health conditions and aids in the recovery from respiratory illness.

As people return to work, vast numbers of people who used to travel by public transport will either have to travel less or seek alternative modes including walking, driving and cycling. People now, more than ever, are choosing to walk and cycle and now is the perfect time to become an active travel friendly employer!

Please contact the Sustrans Officer at for more information.

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