New! SBF Members Only Facebook Group

SBF is pleased to launch its new Facebook group for SBF member companies only

Purpose of the new group

The new Facebook group provides a really useful opportunity for members to share advice & useful business, economic and societal information for fellow members. It will provide a closed and niche platform to promote member services, products and essential tips for all companies on the SBF estates.

SBF members will be able to upload news about their businesses, product promotions or simply provide helpful information. Its primary goal is to become a key resource hub, as all businesses begin to get back to normal after lockdown.

Join the SBF ‘closed’ Facebook Group

To become a member of the SBF Facebook group, click here and request to join.

Please note: you will be asked two questions to check you are part of the SBF estates before being able to join the group.

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