Living Streets - Walk To Work Programme

Living Streets is a charity for everyday walking, based in the UK. Your organisation and employees could benefit from Living Streets Walking Works – a programme for embedding walking into the culture of the workplace. 

Walking to work has huge benefits both for the individual and your local community.  For the individual, it helps both mentally and physically – clearing our minds and gently exercising our bodies.  For your community it means less cars on the road, less noise, pollution and congestion.  And when we walk, we connect with the environment and the people around us. 

In the UK, one third of us do not get enough physical exercise, and only 10% of us walk to work.  We also spend about one third of our life at work – so it is important to feel valued through well-being activities. 

The Walking Works programme can help – by getting people exercising more when there’s an opportunity to do so, and by giving people a stronger sense of belonging to the organisation they work for – because their organisation is taking an interest in their well-being.

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