Cost Effective Fibre Optic Broadband Now Available for Segensworth

Broadband and connectivity have long been an ongoing issue for all of us on the estates. With limited services from the main providers the only option, until now, for reliable connectivity was to take an expensive dedicated leased line service.

The SBF have been talking with GreenCo and tec Get Connected both located in Brunel Way, Segensworth East. They have now been approved to install cabling through the existing BT Openreach ducting system. In partnership, they will be installing a fibre optic network throughout the estates.

This is great news for Segensworth Businesses.

By working together, they have created some cost effective leased line options, that will solve the current connection issues and enable them to make a competitive offering for every type of business on the estate.

Segensworth Business Forum are delighted to be able to make this introduction.

Both companies already have a number of customers on the estate and will be contacting every other business to discuss if you are interested and explain the options that you have.

If you would like to find out more, they will be happy for you to contact them directly to discuss your requirements in more detail. You can do this via phone (023 9257 0757) or email