Living Streets is a charity for everyday walking, based in the UK. Your organisation and employees could benefit from Living Streets Walking Works – a programme for embedding walking into the culture of the workplace. 

Why walking?
Why workplaces?

Because it has huge benefits both for the individual and your local community.  For the individual, it helps both mentally and physically – clearing our minds and gently exercising our bodies.  For your community it means less cars on the road, less noise, pollution and congestion.  And when we walk, we connect with the environment and the people around us. 


In the UK, one third of us do not get enough physical exercise, and only 10% of us walk to work.  We also spend about one third of our life at work – so it is important to feel valued through well-being activities. 


The Walking Works programme can help – by getting people exercising more when there’s an opportunity to do so, and by giving people a stronger sense of belonging to the organisation they work for – because their organisation is taking an interest in their well-being.

The programme

The programme in light of changed working practices due to Covid, and now have a range of remote activities which are aimed to provide opportunities and nudge people to incorporate walking into their daily routines, whether at work or at home.  

Initial Consultation:

We start with an initial consultation to find out your needs, discussing what you would like to achieve, what you are doing already and what some of the barriers may be.  This can be done as a phone call.

Communication Support

This is a suite of fun, inspirational and motivational communication assets which can be sent to your employees via various channels (print, digital, social), across a chosen period (week, fortnight, month) depending on your existing communications channels.

Digital Pledge:

Your employees are encouraged to make a SMART pledge to walk more and can ‘spin’ our digital wheel for inspiration on what to pledge.  This is a nice way to generate a buzz around walking, and build awareness.  As part of this pledge we will collect data on your workforce’s walking habits and focus on the benefits walking can bring to individuals.  We will then follow up with participants to see if they have met their pledge, and see if there has been a behaviour change.

Walk Champion Training

We can train members of your staff to become Walk Champions, who can then encourage colleagues to walk in and around the working day – whether that’s to and from the office or while at home.  This will help to create a culture of walking and help to establish and maintain healthy habits.  This training can be done via TEAMs, and ideally Champions should be recruited from across different departments or functions within your organisation.  We have an information pack and follow-up communications for these Champions outlining best practices and giving content to support ongoing activities.

Workplace Walking Zone Maps

We create bespoke walking maps to help encourage your staff to walk more in and around the working day.  The A3 map (folding to A7) includes two isochrone rings (either 5, 10 or 15 minute walking zones) and can identify destinations for lunchtime walks, green spaces within walking distance and local points of interest.  Maps will include your company logo and as well as printed versions, we can provide digital copies for distribution.

We would love you to take part in the Walking Works Programme.

 It is fully funded – so no cost to yourselves. The programme has measurable benefits including improving both physical and mental health, boosts morale and productivity, improves your corporate image and creates a more engaged workforce.  

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