About SBF

Our mission...

To transform the Segensworth Business Estates into Hampshire's premier industrial estate. A place customers love to visit and employees are happy to work, where crime is low and where the business community is exactly that: a community.

200 businesses. 6,500 people. One voice.

Segensworth Business Forum


Segensworth Business Forum (SBF) represents the interests, concerns and issues of all businesses on the Segensworth Industrial Estates.

A single and coordinated voice, we work on behalf of everyone, lobbying for better services and increased funding to make our Estates a better place to work. SBF has been here for your business since July 2005.

Whether your company is big or small, being a member of the SBF means we work to make Segensworth better, together. We're here to make issues heard and make improvements that suit your business needs. 

From May 2007 we have been a Business Improvement District (BID) enabling the forum to implement a range of specific projects funded through a levy on the business rates. 

Mark Gowing
Martin O'Rourke
BID Project Manager
Craig Ormerod
Financial Director
Steve Adamson
The Segensworth Business Forum

In 2007 Segensworth estate companies voted to become a Business Improvement District (BID). Run by Segensworth Business Forum, every business is a member, and enables the Segensworth Business Forum to implement specific value-add BID projects. In 2012 and again in 2017 business on the estates voted to continue for a further 5 years with an increased mandate. Click on the link below to see our latest business plan and find out how your BID works.

By working together to improve major issues such as  access, shared services, safety and security, the Segensworth Business Forum helps safeguard our business community both now, and in the future. Our purpose is to make a significant impact on the quality of environment we trade in.

As well as lobbying for increased funding, the BID levy will generate over £900,000 during the 5-year term, dedicated to improving the estates for the businesses and the people that work here.

Segensworth Business Forum - powered by you.


A Business Improvement District enables groups of businesses to join together and commission improvement projects. Covering the four Segensworth Estates – north, south, east and west – your BID is managed by Segensworth Business Forum Ltd. The Segensworth BID generates an income through a levy of 1p in the pound of rateable value for each business ratepayer. Since 2007 SBF has delivered significant improvements that have enhanced the trading environment for our business community. 

Become a SBF committee member

Segensworth Business Forum is looking for volunteer members to join its small committee team and help drive actions & generate exciting new ideas.

Projects are varied and interesting and include projects on:

  • Security

  • Transport

  • Shared Services

  • Environmental Improvements

  • Lobbying


Your commitment:
  • Attendance of our monthly meetings

  • Advice & Ideas on how to improve the SBF district