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M27 Smart Motorway Scheme

As you may be aware, plans are progressing for a smart motorway scheme on the M27 between junctions 4 to 11, where the hard shoulder will be turned into a permanent running lane, converting it into a dual four lane smart motorway. You may find the following link useful to keep up to date as the scheme progresses.

Free On-Line Training for Segensworth Businesses

Segensworth Business Forum has agreed an arrangement with on-line training provider Microlearn to allow SBF members to use their training packages, FREE! 

For more information click on the link below.

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Networking and Cost Saving Forum

Saving money in a business can be tricky - there are essential investment demands for staff and technology which makes cutting back a challenge, especially when money might be tight already. 

You may not be aware of the different cost saving ideas - which could genuinely make a difference to your business - and you will welcome opportunities to make your operations more cost-effective. 

This is where SBF and its members can help.

SBF is committed to helping its members and it is currently reviewing the viability of running cost & energy saving events, to share ideas and proven initiatives. 

How can SBF Members help? For more information click on the link below. 

Energy and Cost Saving
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2018 Sees A Further Drop in Crime

Figures produced by the local police have shown a further drop in crime reported on the Segensworth Estates. 

In 2018 the number of crimes reported dropped by 13% over the 2017 figures. This continues the downward trend sustained over many years. 

Our security measures include state of the art CCTV cameras with number plate recognition which are available for use by our local police. These were updated in 2018 to provide a higher quality image for evidential purposes and improved access for police investigations. Additionally, our mobile patrols from Oakpark Security run throughout the estates 4 times a night for seven nights a week and 4 times during the day at weekends. Add to this our regular meetings, intelligence sharing and co-operation with our local police, plus our text alert system, and it is clear that these measures continue to play a large part in keeping crime low on the estates. 

PC Dave Coleman from Fareham Neighbourhood Police Team comments. “Crime is less within the Segensworth estates than comparable industrial areas. This is undoubtedly due to the security measures from the SBF which act as both a deterrent and a means to gather intelligence for further investigation.” 

SBF will continue to make security a top priority and are currently investigating installing an additional CCTV camera to provide further assistance for police investigations and act as an even greater deterrent.

Supporting Business and Reducing Costs

The SBF has launched a service which could cut the operating costs of your business. Meercat have already made savings for many businesses so why not challenge them to save money for your business too. 

This money saving partnership is with Meercat Associates whose services are only available through Business Improvement Districts such as ourselves. As you will see in the their brochure  Meercat are specialists in sourcing the best prices and managing contract negotiations with suppliers to make major economies in areas such as energy, telecoms and insurance. We are offering this service free to all BID members. 

You’re under no obligation to take up this opportunity or to use the service. Importantly, Meercat are not earning commission for the recommendations they provide. Their advice is based on the best possible option at the lowest price. You don’t even need take their advice but can use the service to negotiate a better deal with your current provider if you prefer. 

Over the coming months a Meercat representative will contact you  to explain more about this new offering, and how they could work with you to reduce your business costs. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Try it out even if you decide at the end not to take it forward. There will be no pressure selling by Meercat during this process, they are only aligned, through the SBF, to offer potential benefits to your organisation. 

Meercat has a track record of delivering substantial savings to BID businesses and there really is no catch – simply a chance to reduce your costs.

For more information click here